Libertarian for State Assembly District 51

I am running to represent you in the State Assembly because I know that it is time to stop the siphoning of wealth from our communities to special interests. I know that we have the entrepreneurial spirit and the work ethic that can lead the state into the era of automation and opportunity. I also know that we can't succeed if we continue to elect leaders that care more about their politicial parties and the protection of outdated economic structures than they do about real solutions and new paths forward.

Vote for me on October 3rd and together we can put people over party and solutions over politics.


Andrew Aguero is running for State Assembly in District 51. Andrew is an honest and forthright man, ready to fight for our communities. Andrew's focus in life is defined by three simple rules, taught to him by his grandfather:

Don't lie, don't steal, don't be lazy.

These are the simple and honest rules that guide Andrew's life. Andrew Aguero believes in putting people over party and solutions over politics.