About Andrew

I’m a first generation American and my family is from Peru.

My parents came to this country because they wanted more freedom and opportunity. My family runs a construction company and I see first hand that the government is making it hard for us and many other small businesses to succeed and improve their own lives. As a kid I used to ride my bike and pick up cans to recycle, this taught me the value of money and how it shouldn’t be wasted.

My very first experience that opened my mind to unneeded regulation was when I was trying to recycle cans. I used to recycle very early in the morning when a recycle place was supposed to open, at 8AM. It would always open late near 10AM, and while waiting in line, I would end up buying other people's cans for a cheaper price so that it would save them time. I ended up doing that so much, a worker stopped me from doing it and asked for a license.

At first, I was very confused about it but in the end, I was forced to stop selling because I did not have the proper license for it. I looked up how to get a license to do this but based on my research, it was a terrible process to get one. That experience opened my eyes that there are many government regulations to people's lifestyle that needs to be changed. Government makes it hard to start a business.

I would consider myself a sincere individual. In the end of the day, the election is not about me, it is about you and I would really appreciate your support!